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About The Sheets!


So you guessed it, not all bedding is created equal and not all BAMBOO bedding is either. After first falling in love with our Cariloha Sheets we started doing our diligent research as to why were they more expensive and were they really that much more awesome then something else with a different name. So we are sharing what we found out along our Bamboo Journey!

  1. When you see someone advertising “bamboo sheets” take a deeper look and see if its actually ALL Bamboo or a blend. Some companies can be sneaky.
  2. The All Mighty Price Tag. Let’s just say, how often do you find sheets that have a Life Time Quality Guarantee that is backed by the brand and honored! Well, we found it with Cariloha and that was a large part of why we decided to open our own store and go with a license for a brand that we had just come to know. We still cannot locate another Bamboo sheet company that aren’t blended and have this level of a guarantee.
  3. The Feel. YES, The Feel….Just WOW. This one is something that people need to definitely try for themselves. Everyone has a preference but for us, these sheets are it. Smooth, Soft, not too clingy, not too satiny….just right.
  4. Hot & Cold! So, I run hot and my poor husband runs cold. Gone are the nights waking up sweating or with a leg hanging out. Everything from the Mattress, the sheets to the Duvets keep us temperature regulated and cohabitation nicely.
  5. Clean! Easy to wash, easy to keep and fantastic for me with an autoimmune condition. I love having something not only made from sustainable resources but also healthy for me, you know we are the ones sleeping on these for hours and hours a night. Shouldn’t we treat ourselves to something healthy against our skin? yes we should and we did 🙂
  6. Colors. So probably the one thing I wasn’t always in love with is the color selection but we are getting better. We now cary a variety of color option in sheets and Duvet covers making it easy to match with my ever changing style and color preference.

So, the soft and the cool of it. We fell in love with sleeping and our Cariloha Sheets! So much so that we did open our own shop and can be found at Cariloha Scottsdale at the Scottsdale Quarter. We love hearing everyone else experiences and bringing them to a bed near you.

Btw, it is ok to be a sheet snob and like and have nice bedding. Especially when it lasts!


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