We had our first experience with Cariloha at the Cariloha Poipu store in Kuaui, HI in the spring of 2015.

During our travels to the island for Brians birthday, also the trip where he asked me to be his wife, we found not only a new beginning in the next chapter of our personal lives but also the next chapter in our professional careers.

After falling in love with our Cariloha purchases, feeling the difference and becoming hooked on Bamboo, we started looking into PW Companies & Cariloha licensing opportunities.

Before we were back home to the mainland we had created a business plan to open the first store in Arizona and our first Cariloha.

Arizona had a special place our hearts as it was the location where we both loved to golf and where we were married.

After picking out the perfect location with the help of TJ (Ox Urban Properties) the project was underway.

It was now time! We packed up our home, the dog & moved from the Mid West to Sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

A little less than a year after we first found Cariloha we had our doors open welcoming in the good people of Scottsdale Arizona.

We thank all of you who have been a part of this journey. You are not just customers you are part of the Cariloha Scottsdale family!

Brian & Mel

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