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What We Do & Who We Are

I have always believed that what we do doesn’t not define who we are but rather who we are defines what we do. Now there are probably a dozen different ways to say that same thing however one thing is for certain, we always try to ensure everything we do is done with love, for the right reasons and with grateful intent.

We have been open now for approximately a month and have had such a fantastic time with our new Urban Silo friends and family. Everyone has been so welcoming & encouraging. During this time we have also had to field through helping our new friends with the rumors of the fake face cream line that is NOT Joanna’s and that they are still married etc etc. One of the continued questions is that about the show. Obviously we do not have the inside track on any information more than any other folks from Phoenix. So we watch their website for their true and real news just like most of you. My rule of thumb is that unless you are watching them say it themselves please don’t believe it.

On September 26th, 2017 I was working on receiving product for our Urban Silo Market store with Fixer Upper on our TV, when an email came across the laptop “Update from Chip & Jo”. I would be lying if I said my heart didn’t sink considering how much of an influence and inspiration they have been to both of us. I watched their video announcing that Season 5 would be their last season with HGTV. I would like to say “GOOD FOR CHIP & JO!” Yes, it sucks for the rest of us who will miss having them as part of our homes through their show and miss watching their family grow up before our eyes each season.

But that being said, it would be selfish of me to ever want anyone to not focus on what is important to them for my entertainment. So hats off to Chip and Jo! They are true examples of staying true to what is important and not letting anything else push them out of their lane. More so now than ever before I admire that couple. I admire their strength as individuals, business owners, a couple and parents. I love nothing more that they are so strong and that the TV show does not define who they are. They made the show.

We are proud partners with the Magnolia Home brands and will continue to carry it proudly as we love the style, quality and value of their products. Remember dear friends, that just because Chip & Jo may not be on our TV’s that doesn’t mean that they still aren’t part of our last 5 years and in our homes with their inspired products.

So with that I would like to start the day with my new moto “Start each day with the silliness of Chip & end it knowing you had the passion of Joanna!” Go be rock stars in everything you do and add joy to everything you touch!

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