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New Beginnings

I write this message surround by the warmth of the AZ sunshine and the uncomfortable excitement that is attached with this new beginning and adventure.  

As we are all spread out far and wide, some of us are enjoying the sunshine and others the snow. But no matter what the weather we are all starting to feel that promised spirit of spring that comes around every year and sheds light and love into a new season. This months newsletter will be all about our new beginning & being our best selves!

As many of you saw in our last newsletter we shared the amazing new partnerships and additions that we have on the horizon. In order to be the best Urban Silo, for all of you and for ourselves, several key components need to in alignment. Specifically two:

~ The physical location.

In order to be successful our little shop needs the right sized space in the right location. We also need that location to be one that has the best balance of shopping guests as well as our visiting guests who enjoy coming in for a chat and a visit. We need both in order to keep our little shop open so we can all enjoy that happy heart space we have come to create in the Valley.

~ Time.

Tomorrow is promised to no one. It’s important to be present and act in the time that we do all have together. Urban Silo Market was created with nothing but love, faith, attention & excitement. As the creators of such a beautiful space, we too, require the balance of time with our family at home and the family at Urban Silo Market.  All too often we get busy and focused in our professional lives and a moment presents itself when you realize that there was only ever so many hours in a day and those hours weren’t fairly shared amongst your career and the family that matters most of all.

Taking into consideration the above, along with many other factors, we have made to decision to close our physical store front and move Urban Silo Market to Online & In Home Consults Only. This will be until which time we are able to bring the above two key components into alignment.

As much as we love our Uptown Family of Shops and guests, we say farewell to the physical space. It’s been an incredible journey that has allowed us to learn some very important lessons in business and in life.

If you only take away one thing from this post let it be this. Nothing that we physically create defines or takes away from all of the effort, love, time & dedication that you put into creating it in the first place. All of the amazing people, friends and times we have had in that physical space aren’t gone or diminished because there is no longer a physical store front where we reside. For this I am nothing but thankful and I love all the experiences it has granted us over these last couple years.

 We will continue to send out updates on our monthly newsletter as well as our blog. If you have any question about our new adventures, about previous purchases or new finds please contact us at

Our Spring wish for all of you is to Welcome Spring, Welcome Uncomfortable Excitement & Welcome New Beginnings. Make room in your lives and heart for the ones you love & for some fun!

With My Love & Thanks!


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