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New Beginnings

I write this message surround by the warmth of the AZ sunshine and the uncomfortable excitement that is attached with this new beginning and adventure.  

As we are all spread out far and wide, some of us are enjoying the sunshine and others the snow. But no matter what the weather we are all starting to feel that promised spirit of spring that comes around every year and sheds light and love into a new season. This months newsletter will be all about our new beginning & being our best selves!

As many of you saw in our last newsletter we shared the amazing new partnerships and additions that we have on the horizon. In order to be the best Urban Silo, for all of you and for ourselves, several key components need to in alignment. Specifically two:

~ The physical location.

In order to be successful our little shop needs the right sized space in the right location. We also need that location to be one that has the best balance of shopping guests as well as our visiting guests who enjoy coming in for a chat and a visit. We need both in order to keep our little shop open so we can all enjoy that happy heart space we have come to create in the Valley.

~ Time.

Tomorrow is promised to no one. It’s important to be present and act in the time that we do all have together. Urban Silo Market was created with nothing but love, faith, attention & excitement. As the creators of such a beautiful space, we too, require the balance of time with our family at home and the family at Urban Silo Market.  All too often we get busy and focused in our professional lives and a moment presents itself when you realize that there was only ever so many hours in a day and those hours weren’t fairly shared amongst your career and the family that matters most of all.

Taking into consideration the above, along with many other factors, we have made to decision to close our physical store front and move Urban Silo Market to Online & In Home Consults Only. This will be until which time we are able to bring the above two key components into alignment.

As much as we love our Uptown Family of Shops and guests, we say farewell to the physical space. It’s been an incredible journey that has allowed us to learn some very important lessons in business and in life.

If you only take away one thing from this post let it be this. Nothing that we physically create defines or takes away from all of the effort, love, time & dedication that you put into creating it in the first place. All of the amazing people, friends and times we have had in that physical space aren’t gone or diminished because there is no longer a physical store front where we reside. For this I am nothing but thankful and I love all the experiences it has granted us over these last couple years.

 We will continue to send out updates on our monthly newsletter as well as our blog. If you have any question about our new adventures, about previous purchases or new finds please contact us at

Our Spring wish for all of you is to Welcome Spring, Welcome Uncomfortable Excitement & Welcome New Beginnings. Make room in your lives and heart for the ones you love & for some fun!

With My Love & Thanks!


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A New Year

Thank You 2018 & Welcome 2019. Every Year I have made a point to reflect on all the wonderful gifts that I have had brought into our lives in the last year before heading into the new year. This year is no different.

2018 was like many of the years before, full of new adventures and excitement. 2018 marked our second season with Urban Silo Market and bringing a unique shopping experience and items to the Valley and to Uptown Plaza. We have been blessed with having so many of you as our in store guests and part of our day to day.

We look towards 2019 with excitement as it will be the year of making items perfect just for you! We will be introducing new customizable couches, chairs, loveseats and ottomans designed by Joanna Gaines in the Magnolia Home Furniture Line. We will also be introducing new home rug options designed by Joanna Gaines as well. For your outdoor area, we continue to expand our Customizable Outdoor furniture line offering options for every style and need. Our Custom Hand Crafted Signs will not disappoint. These beauties will be in store and also available for customization.

In the new year we also are planning monthly activities in store including coffee tasting, baked goods, craft days & more. Stay tuned on our newsletter for more details of all the exciting new adventures that Urban Silo Market has to offer all of you!

Thank you for being a part of our adventure!

Mel & Brian

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Harvest To Holiday

From Harvest To Holiday

The season of change is upon us as we go from the season of the Harvest to the season of the Holidays. This is by far our favorite time of year at Urban Silo Market.

There is something so special about seeing our customers return to see what is new in the shop and have the extra spring in their step with the cooler weather. We are so thankful for each of you, for your support through this year and your continued support as we move along into our second Holiday season.

This year promises to be filled with more amazing finds, some classics that you wanted to see back and some additions to your favorite things. We have been anxiously awaiting this Saturdays event to show you all the amazing new items that we have added to our collection.

But don’t worry friends, the big Christmas tree won’t go up until November. We understand that just because we are Christmas Crazy doesn’t mean everyone else is ready to skip Halloween. We will also have some fall left for those still looking for that perfect item to bring harvest into their home.

This fall we also launched our New Website! Not all of our amazing products are showing just yet however more are being added daily. Please take some time while enjoying a cozy morning and play around and create an account. Once you have an account you can create wish lists, send those wishlists to Santa so they know what you would like for Christmas or any other special occasion.

One last thing about the website, subscribing to the newsletter is different than creating a profile. A profile will unlock all of the amazing features that we have added to make your shopping experience that much easier.

We hope to catch up and see all of you this weekend at the Urban Silo Market Second Saturday Event, have a cup of coffee grab a snack and get to say Thank You in person!

So, Welcome Fall, Lovely Friends & Beautiful Weather to a new season of Thankfulness, Gratefulness & Blessings.

Your Urban Silo Market Family


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What We Do & Who We Are

I have always believed that what we do doesn’t not define who we are but rather who we are defines what we do. Now there are probably a dozen different ways to say that same thing however one thing is for certain, we always try to ensure everything we do is done with love, for the right reasons and with grateful intent.

We have been open now for approximately a month and have had such a fantastic time with our new Urban Silo friends and family. Everyone has been so welcoming & encouraging. During this time we have also had to field through helping our new friends with the rumors of the fake face cream line that is NOT Joanna’s and that they are still married etc etc. One of the continued questions is that about the show. Obviously we do not have the inside track on any information more than any other folks from Phoenix. So we watch their website for their true and real news just like most of you. My rule of thumb is that unless you are watching them say it themselves please don’t believe it.

On September 26th, 2017 I was working on receiving product for our Urban Silo Market store with Fixer Upper on our TV, when an email came across the laptop “Update from Chip & Jo”. I would be lying if I said my heart didn’t sink considering how much of an influence and inspiration they have been to both of us. I watched their video announcing that Season 5 would be their last season with HGTV. I would like to say “GOOD FOR CHIP & JO!” Yes, it sucks for the rest of us who will miss having them as part of our homes through their show and miss watching their family grow up before our eyes each season.

But that being said, it would be selfish of me to ever want anyone to not focus on what is important to them for my entertainment. So hats off to Chip and Jo! They are true examples of staying true to what is important and not letting anything else push them out of their lane. More so now than ever before I admire that couple. I admire their strength as individuals, business owners, a couple and parents. I love nothing more that they are so strong and that the TV show does not define who they are. They made the show.

We are proud partners with the Magnolia Home brands and will continue to carry it proudly as we love the style, quality and value of their products. Remember dear friends, that just because Chip & Jo may not be on our TV’s that doesn’t mean that they still aren’t part of our last 5 years and in our homes with their inspired products.

So with that I would like to start the day with my new moto “Start each day with the silliness of Chip & end it knowing you had the passion of Joanna!” Go be rock stars in everything you do and add joy to everything you touch!

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The Start Of Our Story

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones that you never thought possible or dared to say them out loud.

Back in early May we had just finished watching the latest episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper with Chip & Joanna Gaines as we do every week without fail.

In a world with so much negativity in the TV and in our day to day lives I found a happy place with our Fixer Upper nights & indulging in the Magnolia Journal and now their book. There is something about the two of them that brings happy to the heart.

Being a part of someones story is such a special place to be and that is definitely something that we always knew that we wanted to do for others. The more we researched the couple and came to learn about the Magnolia Home Line and the idea was sparked. Finally items out there that spoke to us as people and also on a design level.

We always talked about opening a second store however what it would look like and how it would feel really had never come to the forefront until that evening. We wanted to bring the same happy hearts feeling into our store that so many have every time they watched Chip & Joanna on TV or saw that special Magnolia piece in their home.

For us it is about sharing something authentic much like Chip and Joanna did for us for the last five years for us watching and for the folks that had them create their new homes. It is enlightening and refreshing when surrounding yourself with a happy place and with happy people. This is what we wanted to Urban Silo Market to be. But what would it ” look” like, how would it “work” and would people truly love it as much as we do?

I sat and pondered these questions and looked around the house at all the Magnolia decor items that made me smile anytime I stopped and enjoyed what they meant to me. It didn’t matter if it was my wreath or the blanket ladder they all stirred that same happiness in my heart. To me they all stood for our own authentic self and what is simple, real and beautiful in ourselves.

“Babe, we should open up a Magnolia Market here in Arizona. I wonder if they would license or franchise. Can you imagine…..” The conversation sat one sided as I told Brian how I would decorate the store and what I would want to cary and how it would bring the Gaine’s love to Arizona.

So for those of you who don’t know Brian, he is the realist in the relationship. He is the one that needs to see the paperwork, numbers and black and white. Me, well I am in my own world with my “White Board” ideas. So together with him encouraging me all the way aligning details to make our next idea work we just make it happen.

He encouraged me to check to see if it was even a possibility. Not knowing where to start on that evening I drafted an email and sent it to PR contact asking who I should speak to. I went to bed that night thinking of what could be in my own little shop! Keep in mind we already have a Luxury Bamboo Boutique with Bedding, Bath & clothing items that had just passed its first year of being opened and here I was actively looking into another business opportunity.

Long story short I received an email back from the team with the instructions to apply for a license to sell the Magnolia Home Furniture lines. (And No they do not Franchise and Urban Silo Market is not owned by Chip & Joanna, it is owned by Brian and I.) There we were gathering our information, lining up vendor applications of local products that would go well with all of the love we want to cary from the Magnolia Home Furniture Line & Accessories. I am so thankful and blessed that I spoke my idea out loud and that I have a partner who believes in me, my white board ideas and us! So, that is how our little story started and how we started another adventure and added to our always extraordinary normal.

And here we are, doors open, and sharing the shiplap love with likeminded friends!

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The Urban Silo Market: The Bodine’s

Welcome Home Folks!

Thank you for visiting our Urban Silo Market & hopefully enjoying your new finds.

Brian & I moved to the valley about 2 years ago to open up our Cariloha Scottsdale Bamboo store. Being the first store in the valley and bringing top of the line bamboo products has been such an amazing experience. We have met some of the most amazing people along the way.

Earlier this year we decided to do something extra special and add to our little family of brands. Brian and I came up with what is now known as Urban Silo Market.

The thought of having an opportunity to open a store that is literally comprised of all of our favorite home items was so special. After a long process we received our license from Magnolia Home Furniture to sell their amazing product line. We are so grateful to be one of very few retailers in the state that has their line of Furniture, Accessories, Rugs, Throws & Pillows all in one store.

We also added some of our most favorite local Artisans from the valley! Yes, local! We believe that it takes a village for everything and its that village that one must support. So we are so pleased to sell locally made items with love.

We hope you find as much love in each item you bring home as we did bringing it to you.

Thank you for being part of our story!

Mel & Brian

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About The Sheets!


So you guessed it, not all bedding is created equal and not all BAMBOO bedding is either. After first falling in love with our Cariloha Sheets we started doing our diligent research as to why were they more expensive and were they really that much more awesome then something else with a different name. So we are sharing what we found out along our Bamboo Journey!

  1. When you see someone advertising “bamboo sheets” take a deeper look and see if its actually ALL Bamboo or a blend. Some companies can be sneaky.
  2. The All Mighty Price Tag. Let’s just say, how often do you find sheets that have a Life Time Quality Guarantee that is backed by the brand and honored! Well, we found it with Cariloha and that was a large part of why we decided to open our own store and go with a license for a brand that we had just come to know. We still cannot locate another Bamboo sheet company that aren’t blended and have this level of a guarantee.
  3. The Feel. YES, The Feel….Just WOW. This one is something that people need to definitely try for themselves. Everyone has a preference but for us, these sheets are it. Smooth, Soft, not too clingy, not too satiny….just right.
  4. Hot & Cold! So, I run hot and my poor husband runs cold. Gone are the nights waking up sweating or with a leg hanging out. Everything from the Mattress, the sheets to the Duvets keep us temperature regulated and cohabitation nicely.
  5. Clean! Easy to wash, easy to keep and fantastic for me with an autoimmune condition. I love having something not only made from sustainable resources but also healthy for me, you know we are the ones sleeping on these for hours and hours a night. Shouldn’t we treat ourselves to something healthy against our skin? yes we should and we did 🙂
  6. Colors. So probably the one thing I wasn’t always in love with is the color selection but we are getting better. We now cary a variety of color option in sheets and Duvet covers making it easy to match with my ever changing style and color preference.

So, the soft and the cool of it. We fell in love with sleeping and our Cariloha Sheets! So much so that we did open our own shop and can be found at Cariloha Scottsdale at the Scottsdale Quarter. We love hearing everyone else experiences and bringing them to a bed near you.

Btw, it is ok to be a sheet snob and like and have nice bedding. Especially when it lasts!


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The Cariloha Scottsdale Story

We had our first experience with Cariloha at the Cariloha Poipu store in Kuaui, HI in the spring of 2015.

During our travels to the island for Brians birthday, also the trip where he asked me to be his wife, we found not only a new beginning in the next chapter of our personal lives but also the next chapter in our professional careers.

After falling in love with our Cariloha purchases, feeling the difference and becoming hooked on Bamboo, we started looking into PW Companies & Cariloha licensing opportunities.

Before we were back home to the mainland we had created a business plan to open the first store in Arizona and our first Cariloha.

Arizona had a special place our hearts as it was the location where we both loved to golf and where we were married.

After picking out the perfect location with the help of TJ (Ox Urban Properties) the project was underway.

It was now time! We packed up our home, the dog & moved from the Mid West to Sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

A little less than a year after we first found Cariloha we had our doors open welcoming in the good people of Scottsdale Arizona.

We thank all of you who have been a part of this journey. You are not just customers you are part of the Cariloha Scottsdale family!

Brian & Mel